Day 03 Cambridge - London. No hills!

Follow Me, It's Easy  -  ha ha ha

The above expression is not applicable in cycling !!! 


Buckingham palace! Tourists hey !!

Day 03 Mon 30/06/14   Cambridge - London 159km

Distance km 147 Elevation m 976 
Ave speed km/hr  26.0 Max Speed km/hr 51.9 
Moving Time  5:39 Total Time 7:20 
Ave Heart Rate  121 Max Heart Rate  151
Ave Cadence  71    
Calories burned 2206  Temp Range 16-24 

Brief Description

Up at 5am after only 5 hrs kip... stayed up too late blogging... so from now on it's going to get shorter and less often!
Breaky (last fried breaky) at 5:30
Bus at 6 am
Traffic jam on motorway..... Again! So we were late to Cambridge.
Set off around 10 am
Today was my turn to feel ill. I felt awful with a headache but managed to keep up with a reasonable sized peleton but it was going a bit fast for me really. (I was following, and it wasn't easy!)  Lunch at 80km so I had a long lunch and a good rest, some ibrufen and teamed up with 2 guys to ride a bit more steadily into London.
The ride was beautiful ..... very flat, we only did about 950m ascent today! Not quite sure why we only did 147km yet officially it was supposed to be 159km....praps we took a simpler route through London.....  

Anyway, it was sunny...! First day without arm or leg warmers on. But what everyone noticed was the fact that there wasn't really any decorations. Only saw 2 or 3 yellow bikes (compared with literally 1000's in Yorkshire).... but.... I did see my first REAL Essex girl! Brilliant, we had quite a laugh...stilletoes, fluffy white dog, white teeth, latherings of make-up, fake tan, and a very "bouncy false" walk !!! Created a few laughs in the peleton as we passed her.
Riding through London was an experience. Been there, done that. Never again.
Did a lap of The Mall and Buckingham Palace. The Queen wasn't there to welcome us, but we did get a photo....maybe later.
Got in to our end point around 6 pm just before the rain.
Bangers and mash and a PINT of GUINESS!!!!! Fantastic. Met Giff in the pub for a natter.... so that's it now for the fan club I'm afraid!!
We then went to a local sports centre, showered and got on the bus to France at 8 pm...after saying goodbye to the guys who were going home after their 3 days. We will meet more people tomorrow in France.

Overall a good day, but to be honest.... I don't like flat days, bit boring really.
Tomorrow is also a nice easy day, and then it's Le Pave (cobbles!)

We went through the tunnel, and arrived in Le Touquet at 2am local time.... France have clearly won at football tonight, and we were greeted by many, many vocal and happy French supporters! Awesome, what a reception!!!

.........and now bed

Thanks for all the donations over the past few days, fantastic stuff guys. Really appreciate it.

PS, food is so good I haven't had a single gel or energy bar yet. Fantastic. And that was while in England! Bring on France!


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