UAE Desert Challenge 2006.  5 days Desert Racing in the middle of nowhere. 

Spent most of the time Racing Scott, although due to the vastness of the desert hardly saw him all day every day.



The Greatest Dune Bowl in Oman. Known to us as waypoint VHUGDN (Very Big Huge Dune)

Riding Up and Down it and Jumping Of it (Jump was April 2004 on an old XR400 with 25 litres of fuel onboard!)

The Very Big Huge Dune Bowl - Wahibas 

Wahiba Dune Jump 2004

The sequence of the big dune jump. Old XR400, 20 litres of fuel, tired suspension......

The big dune jump sequence 


South Wahiba - HUGE DUNES !

Going down....

Going down

Gone down.....

Gone down

Going up the other side !

Going Up

Beautiful coastal dunes

Coastal dunes - so soft !