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From Novemebr 2003 until April 2010 I lived and worked in Oman.

6 or 7 of us met up in November 2003, all with a dirt bike, but not much else. We then met a few others and quickly formed the "Oman Dirty Bikers".

Over the years the group grew and grew and grew. By 2010 we had over 60 bikers, all fairly active. The club lives on.

Between us we rode all over Oman, through the desert sand dunes, rock formations, salt flats and the sea! We held unofficial beach races, we had enduro type races around the dunes and we held Monday night Madness blasts which usually ended in a curry! Some rode on the Moto Cross track, we even had a go at Super-Moto on the Oman go-cart track. We rode around Oman 3 times in total. (7 and 8 day trips). And of course the World Championship UAE/Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in which some of us competed against the Dakar champions..... and actually did quite well.

Here are some of our adventures, captured in a weekly write-up after the weekends fun. Most stories also involve copious amounts of curry......and a few cold beers!

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(Many, many stories will slowly be appearing over the next few weeks as the website develops)

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