Pictures to Come

Dear diary

When I arrived in Oman at last

I bought my XR , pretty damn fast

Went up on Bowsher for some fun

And often ended up calling for Mum


Loads of practice and meeting new mates

We rode all over in gusty spates

Up sand tracks, and off dune edges

On slippy mud, and through thorny hedges


I learnt to change a rubber tyre

And as for air – well I got a bit higher

Must’ve dropped it a hundred times or more

Kicked like a donkey – that’s for sure


Bike’s overheated, and so have I

Been so exhausted I could cry

Can’t believe I’m so big and strong

40 a day – that’s where I go wrong


But now I must leave the sands and sea

Off to Blighty I have to flee

But before all of this is allowed to take place

I must hit Bowsher for one last race


Met at 8 for fuel and a natter

All bikes shiny – just Jerry’s in a tatter

11 or 12 mates were there for me

All infact, bar Tom….and that tw** Andy !


Off we sped – all looking tough

On the roads – ready for the rough

But to my surprise we pulled in at Dicks pad

For a quick cold beer, now that’s not bad !


Good start I thought, as off we set

Direct to Scotts for another quick wet

Then for some reason it all got serious

Good job too, before we got delirious.


All of sudden and I’m in the dark

Greasy’s led us right off the ball park

Has the beer gone straight to my brains

If I’m not mistaken we riding the drains


Out we come once again for some air

I just can’t believe it – I have to despair

There’s chaos’ bike from the KTM hoard

Someone’s using it as an ironing board !


Finally we are out and back to the norm

For a race in the sand – not quite desert storm

I’m in the lead as we drop down the first hill

Give it some wellie – oh dear I feel ill


Half way round the first lap of three

And I’m still in the lead – ahead of Greasy

The others are fighting each other for third

Except Chaos…. who’s filming (excuse quite absurd)


After completing the laps and doing quite well

I overtook Jerry on the last corner as he fell

So my final position, I think it was third

Fantastic result and beat most of the herd


Down to the road for a quick chat and a rest

I assume my position which only I do best

Flat on my back – where I cannot falter

3 quick fags and a gallon of water


Then off we rattle to PDO camp

For more beer and peanuts but no podium ramp

We watch us on video and expect a good laugh

“Not really speedy  –  disappointingly naff”


Not at all in fact, surprisingly trick

Blatting around on the sand, and quite quick

We all got some air, in that steaming hot sun

Most important of all, it was bloody good fun.


Good luck mate !    Keep in touch.

Oman Dirty Bikers