Day 11 A REST DAY !!!! Washing?

Rest Day !  (pictures will be added in a few days....struggling a bit with pics at the moment). See Facebook for a few

Day 11 Tues 08/07/14    Nowhere to Nowhere     0 km  (Besancon)

Distance km NOTHING ! Elevation m zero! 
Ave speed km/hr   Max Speed km/hr  
Moving Time   Total Time  
Ave Heart Rate  Low Max Heart Rate  Low
Ave Cadence      
Calories burned  not many Temp Range  Rain!

Well after a couple of beers last night and another meal (after the burger and chips) it was a late night and bed by 1am. Nice to know we didn't have to get up early for breaky.

When we did get up for breaky we instantly regretted it. Stale bread, soggy cornflakes, warm long life milk and ...... well not much else really! Coffee in a bowl was a bonus.
This kind of typified the hotel in general really..... rubbish! Can't complain tho' as it's the first disaster, and when you live in a container in Siberia I suppose anything could be classified as luxoury!!
The morning was spent finding the wet clothes from yesterday, washing clothes .... in a machine, erecting washing lines in the rapidly becoming sauna/wash room and cleaning bikes, drive chains etc. front wheel was repaired and returned to its rightful place and I had to sadly say goodbye to the rather fancy front wheel I had been temporarily lent!! Rest?

Oh yeah, ..... A bus ride into down town Besancon with our little peleton team of 10 and steak for lunch with chocolate galore for pudding! Yum yum.
Met the new guys who are here for just the Alps or Alps and Pyrenees, more food and generally sitting around in the hotel not worrying about the rain.... Hmmmm, until Phil gave us tomorrow's and the forthcoming weeks weather forecast..."Rain"
Oh, and apparently it snowed in the Alps today !!! Brilliant !!
Currently debating whether to watch Germany/Brazil or fall asleep at 10pm in our prison cell......

Don't worry...... I'm only joking about the hotel. This is just brilliant. What an experience. Can't wait to hit the Alps and Pyrenees. 

Fantastic 😊



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