My March Madness

F A N T A S T I C !!!

No more sitting on the Siberian Sufferlandrian Static Cycles! It's all done and I'm on my way home.

Bye bye snow, ice, work and noisy old uncomfortable sit up and beg gym bikes.

This month is REST MONTH ! (I know, not ideal timing and probably not what most personal coaches would recommend, but……I don’t have a coach so I can do what I want!)

I'm off driving a 4x4 pick-up flat-out through the desert at the UAE Desert Challenge Rallye for 6 days. This will involve plenty of pies, curry and beer before, after and possibly even during (pies, honest!) That and a fair bit of motorcycling planned will refresh the mind and rest the legs.......... and get some weight back on, cos I’m getting too skinny!.

I've just calculated the numbers for this month in Russia, and amazingly it’s almost the same as last month...... but slightly more:- 

500 km's over a total of 24 hours on the Gym/Room bike (at high cadence). A 6km run in 28 mins each Friday and 20km over 3 hours on the ski machine (on max load). And about 10 x 20 minute blasts on weights.

This month 2 England rugby games, the Qatar MotoGP and yes....... several more episodes of The Professionals and a few Sufferlandrians helped me through!

The sponsorship money has slowed down, but I have some cunning plans to try to reach the new target of 4,000. But just in case your pockets are burning….. here's the link  Thanks. 

After Abu Dhabi I've got a plan to do 4 or 5 days one after the other which all ends in a big Sportif at the end...... bring it on.


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