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Tour de Force Sponsorship Charity Donations coming in brilliantly

After just 1 week since my first email to a few mates from the Oman Dirty Bikers, and a few days later to the Oman PDO Pirates rugby club boys I'm already over half way to my target!  We've raised just over 1,500 pounds for the William Wates Memorial Trust ( )

It's absolutely amazing.  I am so chuffed. Everyone has been so generous, with their wallets as well as their words.

I've also had many, many promises of donations once people find time to get onto the web and donate. An incredible response.

Surprised also, to receive two contributions from people I have never met! Thanks to those who pass on my note.

It's got me kind of nervous too..... I now have quite some obligations to fulfill....... better get back to my static bike....... gotta keep fit!  

if you want to donate too, then just visit Smile


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January 2014 Training.......... in Siberia -40degC

In Siberia............. in January

450 units cycled so far (no idea if they are km or miles....!) 22 hrs anyway.

All done either on the gym bike or 80's static bike in my room that I rescued and repaired. (toe clips held together with zip ties, seat too low, slips under high torque)

Re-discovered a passion for the TV series The Professionals. Watch 1 or 2 episodes per session in my room. I also followed Chris Froome up the Tourmalet on YouTube!!  Tend to ride for 1 hour or 1.5 hrs. Riding 5 or 6 times a week for 1 to 1.5 hrs. Did 2 x 2 hour sessions.

Anyone think this is slack? You try doing this after a 14 hour day at work!

Concentrating on keeping to 95 cadence and low heart rate (80% max) as the Grand Master Youcef advises. I do listen mate, honest.

Run 6km every Friday in around 28 mins each time on the treadmill. Good pace, relatively easy.   Twice a week on the alpine skier for 30 mins each time as well. 15 mins of weights after every gym session.

Going home in 3 days time...... 2 good things about that.. 1) I'm going home. 2) I get some decent food in the hotels and I can't do any training for the 36 hrs it takes me to get home!

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Tour de Force Training for December 2013

December was mostly spent in the UK.

550km cycled on Road bike and MTB in the 3 weeks I was home.

In line with TdF suggestions I did a 100km+100km back to back ride (Kingham Hill School and back twice) one day after the other. And yes, the 2nd day was tougher! Hmmm, need to do more back to back riding.

Plus a few MTB rides in the mud, one of which I had 4 punctures and had to bail to Charlbury Londis to buy another puncture repair kit cos I ran out of glue!

I also ran a 3/4 Marathon (32km) in the pouring rain.

I went ice climbing in Scotland, "camped" out in the hills in 100mph winds, freezing temperatures near Glen Coe. I say "camped" but actually slept rough, in a bivvi bag on the side of a mountain after too many seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bivi bags in Scotland in December  Sleeping rough in Scotland

The next day we had great intentions to hike up a mountain..... but my dear friend Craig pulled the soles off his boots (to craftily camoflage his hangover) and we had to turn back.

Christmas Day was spend refueling all the calories burned, and then Boxing Day flying back to Siberia Frown


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