Tour de Force Sponsorship Charity Donations coming in brilliantly

After just 1 week since my first email to a few mates from the Oman Dirty Bikers, and a few days later to the Oman PDO Pirates rugby club boys I'm already over half way to my target!  We've raised just over 1,500 pounds for the William Wates Memorial Trust ( )

It's absolutely amazing.  I am so chuffed. Everyone has been so generous, with their wallets as well as their words.

I've also had many, many promises of donations once people find time to get onto the web and donate. An incredible response.

Surprised also, to receive two contributions from people I have never met! Thanks to those who pass on my note.

It's got me kind of nervous too..... I now have quite some obligations to fulfill....... better get back to my static bike....... gotta keep fit!  

if you want to donate too, then just visit Smile


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