Tour de Force Training for December 2013

December was mostly spent in the UK.

550km cycled on Road bike and MTB in the 3 weeks I was home.

In line with TdF suggestions I did a 100km+100km back to back ride (Kingham Hill School and back twice) one day after the other. And yes, the 2nd day was tougher! Hmmm, need to do more back to back riding.

Plus a few MTB rides in the mud, one of which I had 4 punctures and had to bail to Charlbury Londis to buy another puncture repair kit cos I ran out of glue!

I also ran a 3/4 Marathon (32km) in the pouring rain.

I went ice climbing in Scotland, "camped" out in the hills in 100mph winds, freezing temperatures near Glen Coe. I say "camped" but actually slept rough, in a bivvi bag on the side of a mountain after too many seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bivi bags in Scotland in December  Sleeping rough in Scotland

The next day we had great intentions to hike up a mountain..... but my dear friend Craig pulled the soles off his boots (to craftily camoflage his hangover) and we had to turn back.

Christmas Day was spend refueling all the calories burned, and then Boxing Day flying back to Siberia Frown


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Iron Man Wales 2013

Ian completes the Iron Man Wales!

Sunday 08th September 2013

A mere 12 hours and 41 minutes of swimming, cycling and running........ up and down hills, in the rain.

swim01   Can you see me in there ? (I'm in a black wetsuit!)

Photo: IronManWales 8th Sept 2013 – Finished!
422nd overall out of 1,675 entrants  :  12 hrs 41 mins with plenty of Rain, Sun and Huge Welsh Hills!!
1,152nd  after the 3.8km sea swim (room to improve!) 1hr:32min
337th on the 180km cycle (2,600m ascent) 6hr:31 (overtook 630 people, and nobody got me!)
417th on the marathon run (also horribly hilly) 4hrs:18
20 mins of transition due to the 1.5km run up the beach, a cliff and through town to the bikes!
The people of Wales put on simply the best party atmosphere ever! Awesome event.
Do it.......!

Bike1 bike 01 run01

It was this that convinced me to have a go at Tour de Force 2014.......... and set up this website to monitor my progress ........ !!

Hope you enjoy it.



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