ONE WEEK TO GO ....... !!!!

For Sale........... and only 1 week to go!

For Sale!Ready to go

                       For Sale                                                     Ready to go...............

For Sale: 25 years old, completely worn out, noisy, zip ties and blue tape holding right pedal together, seat foam eaten by insects, seat height non-adjustable, siezed. Weighs a ton. Currently located in Siberia. Buyer collects !!!  Any offers?  

I promise you. I am never EVER going to sit on this thing again. My big rest is going very well incidentally.

Thankyou for all your support over the past few months..... keeping me motivated during all the hours on this **** machine. 

Total raised for charity to date: £6,500    

This year 2014: Km ridden:5,000  Hours ridden:250  Height climbed:45,000m  Calories burned:120,000   (plus about 1,600km and 80 hours going nowhere on the Silly Siberian Static Cycle)

Next stop Leeds I guess?    Km to ride:3,650  Hours:200?  To climb:40,000m?  Calories:170,000?   

Suddenly what has felt like a lot of training looks quite mediocre...??? But hey...... the Shell kit is looking good right? This is me, with the bike I'm riding...... ready to go........

(PS, if you haven't got it by now..... as far as training goes, I've hung my boots up!)   


Mark Crowther
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re: ONE WEEK TO GO ....... !!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 5:00:29 AM

Grumps!...nice kit..if all else fails you can always sell Petrol...and as mentioned do seem to have found somwhere to stow the spare socks!

Anyway..on the ar#e ache subject??watch out for over use on the old creams..not for nefarious reasons but you might soften up and cause more harm than good. Routine change to position ON the saddle helps me on distance rides. Vary the pressure point..

To be honest I have had more probs with the palms of hands and the shoe clip pressure points so don't ignore those. This looks like a massive exercise in body management.

Right, so Blog access and comment well and truly tested. Watch out for immigration in Leeds. We don't let just anyone in these days! Good luck mate.. Oh and I have no doubt that you will complete the ride....but if you DO update the blog every day..I'll double my donation.....felling safe there then! :-).

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