Tour de Force Target Achieved and Surpassed !! Yeah.....

Well I cannot believe it. 

After only a couple of weeks and 3 emails to my mates......the sponsorship stands at over 2,500 Pounds. Amazing. And with loads of promises of more to come. THANKYOU so much.

This is great news and as the money goes immediately to the William Wates Memorial Trust ( ) it means the disadvantaged kids are reaping the benefits already.

It's also stimulating me to make sure I keep training despite the awful wet, windy and cold weather. 

In the past 6 days at home  since getting back to the UK on Thursday I've been:-

1) Out on the Mountain bike for 6 hrs - 4 punctures and nearly got hypothermia...... fixing punctures with numb fingers almost impossible :-(   Man, that was awful.

2) Indoor turbo training twice..... trying this Sufferfest stuff. Hard work, and v sweaty! Better than the Siberian gym bike though

3) Got a bike fit, and found out that actually my bike was pretty well set up and I even have the perfect seat, so the new seat I bought which was recomended will be a spare.... just in case.

3) 150km 1,900 m ride to my brothers and back in the freezing wet weather. Ice on the roads in places and blowing a gale. My brother wasn't even in when I got there as he got a last minute call, so no warm coffee of biscuit, just a turn around and ride back. Tired legs due to the wind.

I've had a few beers too in the evenings..... Well y'know, rude not to an' all that!

If you want to contribute please go to

You want to see the route? This is it..... all 3,650km in full glory. Can't wait !!!

2014 Tour de France Route


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